5 Ways to Bring More Comfort to Your Lobby or Office Area

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Successful businesspeople of today appreciate the value of a warm, inviting lobby. Improving the look and feel of your lobby is a great way to boost your business’s reputation, as this is frequently the first impression visitors, potential customers, and even possible employees get of your establishment. Your business’s reputation might be boosted simply by maintaining a welcoming lobby.

The following are five suggestions to help you create a more welcoming lobby.

1. Comfort

Your lobby and office can feel sterile if you don’t get the right chair. Good office chairs can significantly affect your surroundings and how individuals feel about your business.  Selecting comfortable yet stylish reception area furniture will help you create an impressive and positive experience for everyone. At Direct Office, we have a wide range of workspace seating options, such as Task Chairs, Guest Chairs, Ergonomic Chairs and other office reception furniture designed for spaces like yours.

2. Bring the Outside In

Unsurprisingly, people want access to the great outdoors at work. And there’s a broader movement, called biophilia, to bring more natural elements into the workplace. Bringing in natural elements from outside, such as plants and water features, can brighten up a lobby and make people feel more at ease. Both stress and creative block can be eased by bringing in or simulating natural elements. This can also be created by using natural materials and colors that emulate the great outdoors.

3. Functionality

A stunning new style in interior design is to combine several types of seats, both formal and informal, into one room. In addition to appealing to a broader range of customers, providing various seating options in the lobby will allow you to welcome guests of all sizes. In the lobby, seating accessible for varying heights and weights is a must for all offices. Depending on your office setting, some guests may want to move around; using your furnishings to allow this movement will only enhance their experience at your office.

4. Lighting 

Light intensity and color temperature are two factors that contribute to the atmosphere of a lobby. Powerful lighting with blue tones can help achieve a more “professional” atmosphere. Dim, more yellow illumination is what you’re going for if you want to maintain a “comfortable” atmosphere in the lobby. Natural light may be desirable in various settings depending on the office or building architecture and layout.

5. Upgrade It with Your Personal Touches 

Customers and guests should feel at ease while waiting in a lobby that truly welcomes them. Consider adding these complimentary touches to your lobby to make guests feel more at home.

  • You can improve the lobby’s aesthetic by incorporating some art. Displaying artwork in your entry that accents your furniture can impress guests and put them at ease.
  • Make it cozy. Use warm colors on the walls and furniture in your lobby to create a welcoming atmosphere. Colours and tones also help people relax and feel at ease. If your lobby has tile or other hard floorings instead of carpeting, a fashionable rug is an easy way to warm things up and make guests feel more at home.

It takes careful planning and attention to detail to create a comfortable, functional, welcoming, and on-brand environment for your visitors.

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