Month: February 2023


Guests’ initial impression of your office will be formed in the reception area; therefore, creating a positive and lasting first impression is essential. A well-designed reception area highlights your company’s values and provides visitors with a comfortable waiting space.  While creating a well-designed office reception area is important, you also need to focus on how […]

5 Ergonomics Dos and Don’ts If You Are Working from Home

Good ergonomics at home or in the office are becoming increasingly important, especially with the rise of remote work. Making minor adjustments to your workspace can significantly impact your day-to-day happiness and productivity. What are ergonomics, and why is ergonomics important? Ergonomics is the study of optimizing the design of products, systems, and environments to […]

Top Benefits Of Height Adjustable Desks in Your Office

Height adjustable desks, also known as sit-stand desks, have become increasingly popular in recent years as more research has shown the potential health benefits of standing while working. Standing while you work has many benefits, including the burning of calories, the improvement of your posture, and the stimulation of your brain. In this article, we’ll […]