7 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Office Furniture

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Office Furniture

Selecting furniture, whether for your home or office, is never an easy task. Several factors, including costs, space,  functionality, the number of people using the furniture, and other items, must be considered before buying office furniture. An important choice like this can be difficult, but it shouldn’t be.

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While looks are important, functionality takes precedence when purchasing workstation office furniture. Achieving higher levels of employee satisfaction, productivity, and profitability in the workplace can be facilitated by avoiding a few conventional purchasing blunders when selecting furniture.

Considering design over comfort.

No aesthetic value can make up for an uncomfortable office chair for employees. Investing in ergonomic chairs for the business may even include features like a headrest to add to the comfort of a workstation.

Overspending without a strategy

An impulsive purchase carries the same risk as any other major purchase: disappointment. Consider the item’s intended usage and whether it will hold up over time. Think about how much use each piece will get on a normal day, week, month, or year to help identify its value. Consider the pieces you already possess. Find out what your staff thinks it wants or needs improving and what they want to see in a new office system. It’s crucial to keep long-term solutions in mind.

Selecting Poor Quality Over Cost

While a cheaper item could be more affordable in the short term, it could also have lesser quality than its more expensive counterpart. That’s an error that could have serious repercussions. The more costly private office desks may endure twice as much usage before needing to be replaced than less expensive options, despite their identical appearance. A more expensive product would be the better choice here because of its durability, making it the better value.

Not checking out before buying new furniture.

It’s difficult enough to select furniture from a catalogue without taking the time to test out some select pieces. Before making any final selections, you should work with your dealer to find the best way to try some new pieces before buying. Most dealers have access to manufacturers’ showrooms or can provide alternate ways to try some furniture before purchasing. This is also very helpful with selecting various furniture grades that you may want to distribute throughout the office based on expected usage.

Avoiding the Importance of Technology

We can all agree that a chair is a chair. Oh wait, that’s not quite right. Think about the future work performed in that chair before selecting new office furniture. Will there be space for devices like printers, phone chargers, and desk lamps on the desks? Will the conference room support video conference? Can wires be tucked away in desks and cabinets, leaving work areas clear of clutter and obstructions?

The importance of padding and material selection

Business owners often overlook padding or material selection while shopping for new office couches, chairs, etc.. Still, your office is an extension of your business and the furniture you select should reflect that. First impressions can have a long-lasting impact on both employees and clients. Both will also respond favourably when in a comfortable setting, so the padding and material selections shouldn’t be overlooked. Selecting furniture with good padding not only increases comfort, it can increase the longevity of your furniture, especially when matched with higher quality material coverings that can also help to keep your furniture looking new.

Investing in workplace furniture that doesn’t fit the room

One of the most important steps in planning and design. Buying Office Furniture that doesn’t fit the space properly or doesn’t help improve workspace efficiency can be a tremendous waste of resources. Properly measuring the space in advance, getting a clear outline of the workflow or requirements needed within that space, and then creating a design and plan to properly install everything needed will save time and resources.

Call us at 301-545-6134 to discuss your workstation office furniture needs. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with various ideas to find the perfect solution for your needs. Please contact Direct Office Furniture if you’re looking for custom-designed office furniture in Rockville, MD.


Customized Furniture Products - Direct Office, MD

Customized Furniture Products Offered By Direct Office

For over 28 years, Direct Office Furniture has been offering a personalized service that includes handholding throughout the entire process, beginning with measuring, design, and plan preparation. Then continues its service the through the delivery and installation process, ensuring your satisfaction from start to finish. We have a wide selection of Customized office furniture that can be altered to improve the usability, acoustics, privacy, and aesthetics of any given room or area.

We design unique solutions to fit your office needs.  Your workplace is more than just a place for everyone to do a job. A properly designed workplace can increase productivity, efficiency, enhance creativity, and become an enjoyable space to work from.

The average individual spends one-third of their day working, so it is essential that their work environment is comfortable, enhances productivity, and is aesthetically pleasing to work in. We have a wide variety of office furniture available, with many options to create a work environment tailored to your needs.

What are the Benefits of Customized Office Furniture?

Having a pleasant environment in which to work allows one to dedicate one’s full attention to the tasks at hand.  Most modern workplaces now try and include some of the comforts of home by adding unique functionality while maintaining a design that is pleasant to be at. The result is a more positive and enjoyable work environment for those involved. Improve the aesthetics of your office with a well-designed plan, unique configuration, and eye-pleasing custom office furniture. We can help boost your office’s aesthetics with gorgeous and colourful office furniture, which can transform a boring workplace into a lively and stimulating environment.

Numerous studies have shown that working in an environment with customized furnishings increases productivity and focus.

Some examples of the items we can modify are listed below.


Maximize your office storage cabinet capacity by using the available space better. Add some flair to the storage unit and the surrounding area by having a unit built to fit the dimensions of the available opening, for example.

In addition, file cabinets, drawer pedestals, storage towers, credenzas, and bookcases in wood, laminate, or metal finishes can be added to the sides of workstations to provide not only a perfect fit but can also provide additional storage.


Tables can be ordered in many sizes to fit the unusual dimensions of a room and are made in a wide variety of materials and colours to fit an area perfectly. If space saving is integral to your concept or design, we have a variety of tables available, including wall-mounted and collapsible units. Find the right table for your next executive board meeting, team huddle, training session, eating, and more,   allowing you to choose an office meeting table that fits your specific needs.


Whether working long hours or entertaining visitors, we provide various seating alternatives to accommodate your many different requirements. You have your choice of a number of different ergonomic executive chairs, couches, guest chairs for office, office task chairs, stacking, lounge, nesting chairs, and more.

Depending on your specific shape and space needs, you may also order seating that is upholstered in the same or accenting materials as the acoustic padding, cubicles, room dividers, or other items in your office package.


The appropriate desks and workstations can improve productivity while also contributing to the aesthetic appeal of a room, whether the workplace is closed off or not. We have a large selection of workstation office furniture available for you to choose from to fulfil all your requirements. These desks and workstations range from private to collaborative, high-end to cost-conscious.

To explore some of the most popular desks and workstations we provide, contact us to learn about the many possibilities we can provide to fit your needs.


Modular cubicles are available in various sizes, styles, materials, and colours, giving your modern office cubicles the custom design you are looking for to meet your specific requirements. We collaborate with you to develop the most optimal floor design possible, to enhance efficiency and improve workflow.

Having customized office furniture is an expenditure that can significantly impact your company’s success in many ways, including branding, productivity, and staff pride.  Now is the time to plan for your new office. Please contact Direct Office Furniture if you’re looking for custom-designed office furniture in Rockville, MD.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Maximize Productivity With Ergonomic Office Chairs

It’s not always easy to find the perfect pieces of workplace furniture. Because there are so many manufacturers and styles of office chairs available, it can be challenging to determine which one is best. Having ergonomically sound furniture in the office has been proven to boost productivity by making it easier for the body to sit and stand for long periods. Although investing in a set of ergonomic chairs or other furniture may seem costly, it may be a wise choice in the long run. That’s why comfy, supportive ergonomic seats are such a hit in the office.

What are Ergonomic Executive Chairs?

Ergonomic executive chairs have several components designed to improve your posture and offer proper support. Still, they only do half the job; to truly feel the advantages of an ergonomic chair, you should first learn how to sit correctly.

  • Maintain an arm’s length away from your computer screen. Ideally, the top of the monitor should be at eye level.
  •  Maintain a straight posture and avoid slouching. Relax your neck and keep it in a neutral position.
  •  Make sure your arms are parallel to the ground.
  •  Avoid crossing your legs and sitting with both feet flat on the floor. For your legs to be able to circulate properly, you need to do this.

As a field of research, ergonomics focuses on finding ways to repeatedly lessen the risk of injury from the strains of doing a specific or redundant task. Poor posture while using a computer and keyboard is a leading cause of repetitive stress injuries in the workplace. Long hours of sitting at a desk can lead to back discomfort, neck pain, and other musculoskeletal issues for office employees.

The advantages of using ergonomic office chairs include the following:

Lower the risk of injury in the workplace

The musculoskeletal system is especially prone to the strain and pressure of prolonged sitting. Musculoskeletal problems can be brought on by sitting in an unsupportive chair all day at work. Avoiding these health problems and the expenditures associated with workplace injuries requires the implementation of effective ergonomic executive chairs in the workplace to help offset the strain of working while sitting.

Space to relax one’s arms and shoulders

Your shoulders and arms do a lot of repetitive tasks during the workday. A proper armrest helps to alleviate strain on your arms and shoulders and should be considered an essential piece of equipment. There should ideally be a 90-degree angle between your elbows and your keyboard when you work. There will be less of an impact on the arm because of this.

Build a reputable environment

A workplace full of broken, uncomfortable or mismatched chairs is a disheartening sight for any worker. New furniture that has been carefully aligned to increase efficiency and aesthetics can profoundly affect the workplace’s atmosphere. When a business values its reputation, its employees work harder. When it comes to the well-being and safety of workers, nothing is more important than ensuring they can execute their jobs in a relatively comfortable environment. High-quality office chairs are built to last and are designed with ergonomics in mind, so they can support different heights and weights; they should easily adjust to fit persons of varying builds.

Boost Productivity and health

Having an ergonomic chair that correctly supports your body can have a significant impact on your efficiency. While a more relaxed seated position may seem more comfortable initially, it does not promote productive behaviors. Sitting for continuous hours in a slouched or leaning position often reduces your attention span if you are constantly adjusting your position, productivity may suffer, and eventually, higher fatigue may prevail. To help you stay focused on your job, ergonomic chairs place you in an optimal position of comfort and support while allowing you to sit up straight.

In addition to improving productivity, investing in ergonomic office chairs can protect your workers’ health in the long run. Consciously adopting an upright position when seated will help keep blood pumping throughout the entire body. If your posture is off, your blood won’t flow as it should, sometimes resulting in numb feet and hands or the overall feeling of sluggishness or exhaustion. An ergonomic chair can alleviate this state, replacing it with energy and alertness.

Poor posture is linked to many health problems, including back, leg, arm, and shoulder pain, a typical workplace complaint. Having employees sit on ergonomic executive chairs improves productivity and health, as they can maintain an upright position while working and are less likely to miss time away from work.

Identifying the most appropriate ergonomic office chair for your workplace can be challenging. Workers will spend a lot of time in their chairs, so ensure they are comfortable and support excellent posture with ergonomic chairs, which can lead to a more productive workplace. Call us to discuss what we can offer you regarding ergonomic office chairs. We can provide you with various ideas to find the perfect solution for your needs. You can reach us by calling 301-545-6134 or using our online contact form.

Office Storage Cabinets

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Office Storage Cabinets

Many workplace documents are crucial and private; thus, they must be kept safe. And practically every business uses office cabinets to maintain essential records in a neat and secure location.

Now, you can pick from an infinite range of office cabinet designs. However, keep in mind that not all cabinets are built the same. Careful consideration is required if you want to achieve form with function.

Here are some factors to consider when shopping for office storage cabinet furniture.

Look for safety and security.

It’s crucial to review what sort of safety measures you’d like to have in place for any filing cabinets within the business. For instance, wall cabinets are a great option for stowing away large amounts of files while keeping them within easy reach.  Other solutions can include office storage cabinets with doors that store sensitive information or materials.

Storage Requirements

What is the primary use for each set of cabinets? This can vary throughout the office or even within a single workstation.

While looking for modern office storage cabinets, keep in mind the needs of each section or workspace, as each may be searching for cabinets for a unique set of reasons.  Lightweight mobile storage cabinets may be best suited in flexible work areas that want to keep a few documents and data close by. Other areas may require storage for bulky or long-term items that may be better served with sturdier storage solutions.

Direct Office Furniture has various cabinets that can be tailored to your office requirements with various styles and functionalities.

How often do you use the cabinets?

Think about how often the cabinets will be opened and closed when deciding on a material for them.  Storage cabinets in a high-traffic or use area must be made of long-lasting materials and hardware.

A convenient, easily accessible storage system

Accessibility is another important consideration. It’s a good idea to keep files and folders you frequently use close at hand. If accessing your storage system quickly and efficiently is crucial to your productivity, then desk or flexible storage solutions may be required.

Appeal from an Aesthetic Perspective

Location in the office is the primary factor in determining how much attention you need to pay to the aesthetics of your cabinet. If the cabinet is going to be kept in a locked storage room that only a few personnel have access to,  you may not need it to be as stylish.

However, if the cabinet is displayed in a prominent area, aesthetics should be prioritised to complement the surrounding furniture.

Direct Office Furniture can provide professional-looking, modern office furniture, including flexible office storage cabinets in Rockville, MD.