5 Signs It Is Time to Buy New Office Furniture

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Regardless of how well office furniture is maintained, it will eventually start to show signs of wear or become outdated. The average lifespan of commercial furniture is approximately seven to ten years, depending on quality.

Comfort in the workplace is linked to increased productivity,  when this trend starts to decrease, it may be the first sign that private office furniture needs to be replaced.

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Here are five signs that it’s time to upgrade your workplace furnishings:

1. Degradation of Furniture

Wear and tear are one of the most prominent indicators that office furniture needs to be updated. Even the sturdiest chair or table can succumb to the wear and tear of regular use. While properly maintained workspace furniture can extend its lifespan, it can’t always hide or overcome heavy wear and tear. However, upgrading may be more cost-effective if the required upkeep goes beyond simple maintenance.

 2. When it gets antiquated

If your business started in the ’80s or 90s but still uses the same desks, chairs, and storage cabinets, it’s time for an upgrade.  Not only will this bring a more stylish update to the look of your office, but new tech-friendly fixtures with built-in wiring bays, acoustic pods and other functionalities are also all examples of what modern office furniture can add to your office.

Regular inspections and updated furnishings can make your workplace feel like new again, refreshing morale and boosting productivity.

3. Brand recognition is fading

The aesthetic of your workplace says a lot about the values and goals of your company.  Making a good impression on clients and employees by upgrading to new office furniture often gives a great return on that investment.

Your company’s unique branding helps you stand out from the competition and leaves a lasting impact. All office areas, from the lobby to the pantry, should adhere to this branding. If you want to convey the image of a cutting-edge, forward-thinking company, your workplace furnishings should reflect that.

If your firm has recently undergone a rebranding or updated marketing effort with new company colours and logos, it may be time to update your office furnishings too.

4. Reduces efficiency

Since most of us now spend our days sitting at desks and using laptops for lengthy periods, the traditional creaky office chair is no longer the most comfortable option for our overall health. To ease the strain on your workers’ knees and back, consider purchasing ergonomic chairs equipped with lumbar support, adjustable armrests, and a synchro-tilt mechanism. These improvements will keep your team healthy and at peak performance for longer. Updating your furnishings every so often can elevate your team to perform at peak efficiency.

5. Changing Spaces 

Relocating a new office space is the perfect opportunity to eliminate the old furniture you’ve been holding on to. Getting a new office is a great excuse to furnish it with brand-new elements.

Moving all your old office furniture to a new site is time-consuming and expensive, so starting fresh with a brand-new workplace and furnishings makes sense and helps to extend the excitement of moving into your new office.

Take a moment to look around your space.  If any of the five signs apply, it is time to get new office furniture. Contact us to explore the private office furniture solutions that we can provide. We have the knowledge and experienced staff that can work with you to provide various solutions to meet your requirements.

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