Improve Your Office Environment with a Filing Cabinet

Office Filing Cabinet

Office filing cabinets, like file cabinets, are another crucial piece of office furniture. Where does your company use to store its vital records and paperwork? Is the office filing cabinet secure? Do employees have to bend, strain, or get into an awkward position to access that cabinet?

Employees’ time and efficiency are dramatically diminished if the office’s storage space is disorganized, lacks necessary supplies, or is difficult to access. It’s essential to have desks with enough drawer space and other storage options so that employees can maintain order in their daily work.

Clutter may not appear serious at first glance, but it can significantly impact one’s disposition and efficiency. Facilitate your group’s efforts to maintain a clutter-free environment so they can concentrate on what matters. The layout and construction of any storage facilities should always be carefully considered.

The office has not only changed considerably over the past few decades but in the last few years with changes to work areas due to COVID-19. If your standard filing cabinet has remained constant, it may be time for an upgrade. Although many records are now kept digitally, there are still many uses for paper copies; these records need to be kept somewhere, and a filing cabinet is a convenient and secure way to do so. Small, discreet office storage cabinets with doors are a fantastic investment for any office.

Continue reading to find out how an adequately chosen filing cabinet can drastically improve your workplace.

Importance of file cabinets 

1. Helps in saving time

Time is wasted when employees dig through disorganized filing cabinets to find the necessary paperwork.

All that time wasted looking for files could have been used to finish projects and tasks, making the office run more efficiently.

A well-maintained filing cabinet eliminates the need for time-consuming and inefficient document searches, allowing employees to focus on getting more done in less time.

2. Protects Documents 

Filing cabinets keep sensitive documents and other documents of value safe and secure.

High-quality filing cabinets feature a lock and innovative construction for easy, long-lasting use and to help prevent unauthorized access or destruction.

3. Reduced Stress and Frustration 

The inability to do simple tasks quickly and efficiently adds unnecessary stress and frustration which reduces an employee’s ability to work on more important tasks and projects creatively and efficiently.

A lot of effort goes into creating a positive work environment; having a well-organized filing cabinet removes this source of stress and makes the workplace more pleasant for everyone.


Different types of Cabinets 

When purchasing a filing cabinet, the first thing you should consider is what kind of cabinet will work best for your needs. There is a wide variety of filing cabinets available today that come in varying sizes and dimensions to handle different documents, blueprints, and other information that may require specific storage needs.

1. Vertical 

File cabinets that stand vertically are a time-saver in the workplace. You can get them with two to ten drawers to store your files and other paperwork. The large capacity of the drawers is due to their generous width and depth. These wall-mounted vertical filing cabinets are great if your office is limited in floor space.

2. Flat 

Flat file cabinets are a more substantial variety of cabinets that can be used to store huge canvases or other documents that lay flat, eliminating the need to fold them and risk damage.

3. Mobile 

Because it is on rollers, this convenient style will allow storage to be relocated wherever you like in your workplace. Moveable pedestals are typically compact and fit neatly under a regular table workstation. Most versions also come with lockable casters that keep the movable pedestal in place once you’ve located the area where it will be used for a given time.

Regarding office supplies, equipment, and resources, files significantly improve retrieval, staging, and storage efficiency. A more productive workplace is a natural result of having reliable, easy working and secure file cabinets.

When it comes to file cabinet furniture, Direct Office Furniture has a wide variety of options available. You can choose from wood, laminate, or metal for your file cabinets, drawer pedestals, storage towers, credenzas, and bookshelves.

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