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Customized Furniture Products - Direct Office, MD

For over 28 years, Direct Office Furniture has been offering a personalized service that includes handholding throughout the entire process, beginning with measuring, design, and plan preparation. Then continues its service the through the delivery and installation process, ensuring your satisfaction from start to finish. We have a wide selection of Customized office furniture that can be altered to improve the usability, acoustics, privacy, and aesthetics of any given room or area.

We design unique solutions to fit your office needs.  Your workplace is more than just a place for everyone to do a job. A properly designed workplace can increase productivity, efficiency, enhance creativity, and become an enjoyable space to work from.

The average individual spends one-third of their day working, so it is essential that their work environment is comfortable, enhances productivity, and is aesthetically pleasing to work in. We have a wide variety of office furniture available, with many options to create a work environment tailored to your needs.

What are the Benefits of Customized Office Furniture?

Having a pleasant environment in which to work allows one to dedicate one’s full attention to the tasks at hand.  Most modern workplaces now try and include some of the comforts of home by adding unique functionality while maintaining a design that is pleasant to be at. The result is a more positive and enjoyable work environment for those involved. Improve the aesthetics of your office with a well-designed plan, unique configuration, and eye-pleasing custom office furniture. We can help boost your office’s aesthetics with gorgeous and colourful office furniture, which can transform a boring workplace into a lively and stimulating environment.

Numerous studies have shown that working in an environment with customized furnishings increases productivity and focus.

Some examples of the items we can modify are listed below.


Maximize your office storage cabinet capacity by using the available space better. Add some flair to the storage unit and the surrounding area by having a unit built to fit the dimensions of the available opening, for example.

In addition, file cabinets, drawer pedestals, storage towers, credenzas, and bookcases in wood, laminate, or metal finishes can be added to the sides of workstations to provide not only a perfect fit but can also provide additional storage.


Tables can be ordered in many sizes to fit the unusual dimensions of a room and are made in a wide variety of materials and colours to fit an area perfectly. If space saving is integral to your concept or design, we have a variety of tables available, including wall-mounted and collapsible units. Find the right table for your next executive board meeting, team huddle, training session, eating, and more,   allowing you to choose an office meeting table that fits your specific needs.


Whether working long hours or entertaining visitors, we provide various seating alternatives to accommodate your many different requirements. You have your choice of a number of different ergonomic executive chairs, couches, guest chairs for office, office task chairs, stacking, lounge, nesting chairs, and more.

Depending on your specific shape and space needs, you may also order seating that is upholstered in the same or accenting materials as the acoustic padding, cubicles, room dividers, or other items in your office package.


The appropriate desks and workstations can improve productivity while also contributing to the aesthetic appeal of a room, whether the workplace is closed off or not. We have a large selection of workstation office furniture available for you to choose from to fulfil all your requirements. These desks and workstations range from private to collaborative, high-end to cost-conscious.

To explore some of the most popular desks and workstations we provide, contact us to learn about the many possibilities we can provide to fit your needs.


Modular cubicles are available in various sizes, styles, materials, and colours, giving your modern office cubicles the custom design you are looking for to meet your specific requirements. We collaborate with you to develop the most optimal floor design possible, to enhance efficiency and improve workflow.

Having customized office furniture is an expenditure that can significantly impact your company’s success in many ways, including branding, productivity, and staff pride.  Now is the time to plan for your new office. Please contact Direct Office Furniture if you’re looking for custom-designed office furniture in Rockville, MD.

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